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We are Tracy and Rich Cairo … owners of The Bistro on Sterling. We met at a restaurant in downtown Chicago in 2001 on St. Patrick’s day while Rich was working there. We hit it off right away and enjoyed many hours of conversation and getting to know one another. I left the next day on a planned 2 week trip to Florida. We lost touch.


The following year, on St. Patrick’s day, always realizing that there was that “connection,” I wanted to go back to that restaurant to see if “he” was still working there. Out and about in the city with friends enjoying the St. Patrick's Day festivities, I  finally arrived at the restaurant. There was a line that stretched around the block. The group consensus was not to wait in line for several hours to get inside. 


The following year, I made sure to arrange a breakfast get together with friends before venturing out for the St. Patrick's Day festivities to ensure the line would not be long and we would be able to gain entry into the restaurant without waiting. We all arrived at the restaurant and sat at the bar and ordered our morning Mimosa’s. I look over and who is there but “him” … two years later. We both knew each other instantly and were reunited from that point on. We have been married since 2008. Really … this happened!


The Bistro on Sterling opened its doors on May 19, 2017. We had contemplated owning our own restaurant for some time. My background is hotel management with a focus on event management & sales. I've worked in New York and Chicago hotels and conference centers for over 25 years. Rich had a long running career of outstanding customer service and numbers. We both have always had a strong passion for food and service.


Once we learned this location was for sale, we knew that the beautiful location in downtown Flossmoor would be perfect! We have come a long way in the past six years and have also suffered a truly devastating loss no parent should ever have to endure. 

We always say, “take it one day at a time”. … That seems to get us through.


The Covid-19 shutdowns had been very difficult for our business and our employees. From the bottom of hearts, we and the entire staff at The Bistro on Sterling thank you for all of the love and support you have all shown to us.

It truly means the world to us.


We look forward to serving you … our friends … for many more years to come.

— Tracy & Rich

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